Androvid Video Trimmer - User Manual

Androvid Video Editor is a video editor and organizer software designed for Android platforms.

1. Main Screen

Your newest 3 videos are shown on top of the page. If you click on a video icon, player screen starts. In order to edit a video, long click on the video, then it will become selected. Then click on a menu button from the main menu below

2. Video List Screen

2.1 General Menu Options:

2.2 Video Editing Options:

Long click on a video on the list to get menu options to edit your video.

3. Photos Screen

On this screen you can see all images on your phone and perform delete, share and Set as wallpaper operations. After you perform Frame Grabbing using AndroVid, you can always use this button to see your frames.

4. Video Player Screen

On this screen you can play our videos and perform all video editing options. After 5 seconds if you don't touch your screen, editing options will be hidden, and when you touch the screen, editing options will appear again.

5. Video Trimmer Screen

On this screen you can select a start point and an end point in your video and remove parts from the start and end of your video, or you can delete part in the midde of the video.

2.1 Trimmer Menu Options:

2.1 Trim Selection Buttons:

6. Video Splitter Screen

On this screen you can select a point where you want to divide the video into two pieces. This screen is very similar to Trimmer screen, for detailed help on using this screen you can look at Video Trimmer Screen help page.

7. Frame Grabber Screen

On this screen you can capture frames from the video easily. You just need to pause the video by touching on the video and then clickon the Grab button.

2.1 General Menu Options:

2.1 Frame Menu Options:

When you long click on a captured frame you will get the following menu options:


8. Video Effects Screen

On this screen you can apply various effects to your video.

9.1 Effect Menu Options:

9.1 Effects


9. Video Converter Screen

On this screen you can convert your videos to other formats, resize, adjust its quality and share it. Make your conversion selection as describes below and then cick on the Convert button.

10.1 Conversion Options:


10. Video Merge Screen

On this screen you can join your videos to produce a single joined video clip.


11. Add Text Screen

On this screen you can add text to your video.


12. Add Music

On this screen you can add music to your video, adjust video/music audio volumes.

add Music


13. Slideshow Maker Screen

On this screen you can join your pictures to produce a slideshow


14. Crop Video

On this screen you can crop your video to reduce the resolution of your video

Crop Video 

15. Toolbox

On this screen you can enhance your video by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, audio volume, and histogram .



16. View and Edit Pictures

On this screen you can view all your pictures and edit them like rotate, crop and apply effects..



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Also  you can reach us using "Contact Developer" menu option on the Home screen:

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